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STEINEL 50mm dia Electronic Hot Air Welding Gun HG5000E(3400W)

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Electronic hot air guns for professional users

.STEINEL hot air guns are hugely popular with professional tradespeople and industry. Well-designed technology, solid workmanship and a wealth of applications make them indispensable helpers, whether for welding plastics, fitting shrink tubing, sticking bitumen, shaping thermoplastics or stripping paint: the professional heat tools from STEINEL get hot air straight to where it's needed. Precision control, versatility, long life and great performance are all the features that distinguish the products from the hot-air tool pioneer and specialist.

The advantages of STEINEL hot air guns at a glance:
.Extremely wide range of applications
.Easy to use
.Continuously adjustable temperature
.Electronic temperature control
.Sturdy and reliable
.Wearing parts effortlessly changed (HG 5000 E / HG 4000 E / HG 2300 E/EM)
.Comprehensive selection of accessories for each gun type

With Certificates!

Model No.HG5000E_230C, 50mm dia. Electronic Hot Air Welding Gun HG5000E (230V)
(PROD. No.350116)
STEINEL 50mm dia. Electronic Hot Air Welding Gun (3400W)

Heat for large surfaces
.HG 5000 E is ideal for heating up large areas rationally. The powerful motor delivers up to 800 l of hot air a minute through a generously sized blow nozzle.

.Fully electronic temperature and airflow control
.Intelligent motor and temperature control
.Temperature display showing selected and actual temperature
.Easy-to-read LED segment display
.Sturdy single-piece enclosure
.High-performance, long-life brushless motor
.Barrel shape for optimum stationary use

.Continuously adjustable airflow and temperature

.Easy-to-change heating element
.Power cord can be changed without taking enclosure apart

Technical datd HG5000E.
Prod. No. 350116
Length / dia. (at knock guard) 350 mm / 122 mm
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
(other voltages also available)
Output 3400 W
Temperature 25 - 600℃
Display mode LED segment display
Airflow regulation continuous
Airflow rate 800 l / min. max..
Delivery nozzle 50 mm dia.
Motor life 20 000 hrs.
Heater life approx. 500 – 800 hrs.
Mains power cord H07 RN-F 2 x 1.5
Weight (without power cord) 1190 g
*Subject to technical modifications.

The intelligent motor and temperature control automatically matches speed to the temperature selected.

The control curves for airflow and temperature differ according to gun and nozzle attachment used.

Example applications for HG 5000 E / HG 4000 E

Regulator and easy-to-read LED segment display Laminating a wing flap with carbon for the Airbus A320

Ideal for welding plastic tarpaulins

HG 5000 E ( 3400W )

Ideal for welding bitumen

Ideal for welding plastic

The heating element in both hot air guns can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Each replacement heating element contains a chip with your own specific data allowing the unit's control system to conduct a precision self-calibration cycle.

Precision work for neat results:
Genuine STEINEL accessories
.In many applications, efficient working and optimum results are only possible with appropriate accessories, such as round or flat nozzles. STEINEL offers accessories and general purpose auxiliary tools tailored to the design and output of hot air guns HG 5000 E, HG 4000 E and HG 2300 EM.

*SPARE PARTS OF STEINEL 50mm dia. Electronic Hot Air Welding Gun HG 5000 E ( 230V. )
.230V Heating Element with Metric Celsius (°C) For HG5000E (3400W).
.Model No. HE5000E_230C
.( Prod. No. 42711/090500 )

*50mm dia. Nozzle for HG 5000 E.

Flat angled nozzle 74 x 3 mm Flat nozzle 70 x 10 mm
Prod.No. 092818 Prod.No. 092719
For welding overlapped plastic sheeting For concentrating the flow of air

Prod.No. 011901 Prod.No. 011918
Heat-shrinking plastics Heat-shrinking plastics

Prod.No. 011895
Heat-shrinking plastics

*ACCESSORIES  FOR STEINEL Electronic Hot Air Welding Guns.

Unilaterally supported pressure roller, 50 mm Hot air gun stand (HG 5000 E, HG 2300 EM and HG 2300 E)
Prod.No. 093211 Prod.No. 093501
With ball bearing, for applying pressure to edgebands, PVC film etc. Holds the gun in position for a variety of work processes
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